HASSE 太空學校 學員回饋


                                                     Tracy(左)2016年參加HASSE 太空學校

Tracy 參加太空學校課程是10年級的時候,那是一個改變她人生的經驗,讓她確立了主修電子工程的方向。我非常的推薦HASSE給希望開闊視野及在尋找未來職涯發展的學生。
Tracy Chen陳美羲 英國劍橋大學(學生家長推薦)

I attended HASSE Space School when I was in 10th grade. Itwas a life-changing experience. I decided to major in computer science after the program. I highly recommend HASSE programs to high school and college students who seek to broaden their horizons and career development.
Tracy Chen 2016 Computer Science University of Cambridge, UK